Discover the flexibility of Leasing

When you are looking to buy equipment for your business Leasing makes it easier to access the equipment you need NOW!

Benefits of leasing

When you need new equipment there are generally TWO ways to acquire it. Spend your own cash or borrow someone else’s.

Why lease?

Leasing is a quick and simple way of getting hold of the equipment you need while leaving your cash ready for any unexpected events, or for things that you can’t finance like marketing or staff. If you spend your cash or use your bank facilities on equipment you run the risk of exposing your business to a lack of working capital – and wishing you had used leasing instead!

There are many other benefits that come with equipment leasing:

  • Your rental is fixed for the term of the agreement, so no matter what happens with bank rates your rental stays the same; this allows you to budget for the new equipment in confidence knowing that as other costs increase around you your lease rentals will not.
  • Leasing is flexible. We try to match the term of your lease to the useful life of the equipment, but sometimes technology advances so fast that you’ll want to update sooner. No problem. Through an upgrade programme we can upgrade your lease with a new one for new equipment.
  • Tax allowable. Leasing is an operating expense and the full rental you pay can be offset against tax. Your accountant will be able to advise you to what degree your business will benefit.
  • Once in place a Lease cannot be “called in” or withdrawn by the Leasing Company, unlike some bank facilities.
  • No deposit. You only start paying rentals after your equipment has been delivered.

All quotes are Subject to Status and Leasing is available to Limited Companies, PLCs, LLPs and larger partnerships (4 or more partners)

Use our Leasing Calculator to see how affordable leasing can be.

Should I pay cash?

It makes little sense to sink your hard-earned cash into equipment that will ultimately depreciate, and sometimes very quickly. Leasing allows you to have your cake and eat it by giving you all the benefits of new technology whilst still holding onto your cash for other uses.

Should I go to the Bank?

Your bank may be a slightly cheaper option BUT loans and overdrafts are usually secured by charges over your company assets or with your personal guarantees. Seeking to extend your borrowing through your bank may also result in your bank conducting a full review of your facilities and the timing of that may not always be convenient for you. If you have a sensible alternative to the bank you should use it, thus leaving any additional bank borrowing in reserve.

About us

Count On Us are experts in cash handling. With over 5000 customers in the UK and 50 countries worldwide we supply the solution you can rely on.
Now with our partners at System Rentals we can offer competitive and tax efficient leasing options for our UK clients.

Our leasing partner

To provide you with effective finance solutions, we partner with System Rentals Ltd. Having started in 1987, they are one of the longest established and experienced leasing providers in the country and their job is to make the process of investing in new technology relatively painless! Almost every business, whether large or small, uses leasing in some form to finance all sorts of equipment so why not explore the possibilities? Leasing is an obvious choice and System Rentals are on hand to answer your questions and provide you with a suitable finance product.

Leasing Calculator

Our Leasing Calculator is easy to use, simply:

  1. Enter the cash value (ex VAT)
  2. Review the available lease terms
  3. Complete your details where shown
  4. Submit your interest and System Rentals will be in touch

Cash value (ex VAT)

Please enter a value between £1,000.00 and £100,000.00.

Available Lease Terms

Term Monthly Weekly Daily
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Weekly and daily rental amounts are shown for illustration only.

I’m interested tell me more..

Rentals are calculated automatically for you and are payable monthly in advance by Direct Debit. Subject to status, Terms and Conditions apply.

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